Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Break the surface

The blue T-shirt with a beautiful underwater robot is not the only connection between almost 30 people that were in Murter, Croatia some days ago. Neither the 9 Gb of photos.

Jelena the pirate, Magui the ''greek'', Mario, Ana Skrt don't you cry, Aleksandar one leg, Asa with an o, Ana u woke us up, Didi the lucky man, Anne with the towel, Edita Edita Edita, Cecilia, Frank my mate, Dorin spam, Gosia , Elina 19, Mirna you, Matko, Niklas samurai, Milos barbie girl, Primoz hostage, Nevenka you made the map?, Ricardo PLM, Nikola Ederlezi, Simone with Djambe, Ricardo the tallest, Vida the lady, Sergio remember the mail i told u, Marko i ll come i promise, and Vera de Azores comeooon,

What I was going to say....
Bfffff.. I forgot.;)


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